Hollywood Living Uncovered - Why You Should Make the Move

Hollywood Living Uncovered - Why You Should Make the Move


Hollywood is undoubtedly one of the most iconic cities in the world. Known as the birthplace of the American entertainment industry, it has become a symbol of glitz, glamour, and fame. But have you ever considered living in Hollywood? If not, then it's worth giving thought to! Read this blog created by Villa Elaine and uncover why renting an apartment in Hollywood is an absolute must. Secure amazing rental deals, indulge in electrifying live performances, soak up the rich historical tapestry, bask in the beauty of serene parks, and elevate your education at prestigious institutions. Embrace the Hollywood lifestyle like never before with Villa Elaine!

Cost of living in Hollywood

One of the most common questions our manager's team at Villa Laine receives is whether living in Hollywood is high-cost. The short answer is that renting an apartment in Hollywood can be expensive, depending on where one lives. But let's get into it more deeply: the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $2,300, and the median rent price for a single-family home is around $3,500 monthly. Our Villa Elaine building has studio rooms, one-bedroom and two-bedroom, available for rent for just $1,700 to $3,125 monthly. It is about the price and what you are paying for. Villa Elaine apartments have incredible amenities, such as all-new bathrooms, spacious floorplans, elevators, custom kitchen cabinets, and much more.

One major advantage of living in Hollywood is the accessibility of public transportation. When you rent an apartment at Villa Elaine, you will be just 2 meters away from a DASH Hollywood Counterclockwise stop. The Los Angeles Metro system runs through Hollywood, providing convenient access to other parts of the city without needing a car. This can save residents thousands of dollars yearly on gas and car payments while exploring the city whenever they desire it.

Get Ready to Experience Culture and Entertainment in Hollywood:

Hollywood residents can watch various local and international bands performing at venues like The Troubadour or The El Rey Theatre throughout the year. And if it’s the culture you’re after, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Hollywood Bowl or The Greek Theatre for world-class performances. Additionally, there are endless activities; Runyon Canyon Park offers hiking trails with gorgeous views, while Los Angeles State Historic Park is home to various live events, including outdoor concerts and festivals. Alternatively, you could take a day trip to Venice Beach—one of the most famous beaches in California.

Education and job opportunities

As the home of the American entertainment industry, Hollywood has seen a surge in the number of people seeking education and training to launch their careers. With this increased demand, more educational options are available, and more newcomers are tempted to start living in Hollywood. UCLA, USC, Occidental College, and Musicians Institute are just a few examples of the many educational institutions located in Hollywood and its surroundings. With the rise of opportunities, more people seek to live at Villa Elaine, which is not far from some of the institutions mentioned before. However, not only education, the work market is not just limited to actors and actresses –big companies have established offices in the area, providing a range of jobs in fields such as software development, digital marketing, and data analysis.

Hollywood: A City Full of History

Few places in the world have such a rich history as Hollywood, and not many people can say that they spend their days around all its archives dating back to the early 20th century. This history is seen in many of the historical buildings that still stand in the area. Hollywood Roosevelt – The oldest hotel in Hollywood, the Hollywood Roosevelt, was built in 1926 and still stands today as a testimony to the city's past. It has hosted numerous celebrities and has been the venue of many Hollywood events. The Rosslyn Hotel, built in 1905, is one of the most iconic buildings in Hollywood’s history. Located on Rosslyn Avenue, this hotel was once a popular spot for celebrities and gangsters alike. The building was home to some of Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford.

Villa Elaine, located on Vine Street just south of Fountain, is a historic courtyard complex designed in 1925 by Lewis A. Smith. Those who decide to rent a historical apartment in the heart of Hollywood will start creating memories in the same place where some of the most iconic stars in the history of the United States, such as Man Ray, Orson Welles, and Frank Sinatra. Now, it has been renovated and mixes the architecture of 16th-century Italy with the modernity of today. You won't necessarily meet stars, but the structures and bricks that witnessed those stalar lives can inspire your path to total success.

The only question is, who will be the next star to rise from Hollywood's streets? It could be you. The opportunities for a fresh start are endless: living in Hollywood, a city with living opportunities, places to explore, and history. Book a viewing at Villa Elaine today and take the first step toward your new home.