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Villa Elaine (1245 Vine Street) has a pretty fantastic interior landscaped courtyard. Very unique, old Hollywood feel.

famous residents at Villa Elaine

What do Man Ray, Orson Welles, and Frank Sinatra all have in common?

At one time or another, they were all residents of Hollywood's Villa Elaine Apartments. Located on Vine Street just south of Fountain, the historic courtyard complex was designed in 1925 by Lewis A. Smith, an architect of many local landmarks, including Los Feliz's gorgeous Vista Theatre. A featured location in John Cassavetes's Minnie and Moskowitz.

Villa Elaine`s Architectural Style

The Villa Elaine's architectural style - following the pattern of vernacular business buildings in Los Angeles- is eclectic but generally incorporates the late Renaissance Revival elements. The structure's symmetrical massing, horizontal divisiĆ³n of floors by belt courses, rusticated quoins, entry framed by pilasters, and window treatment variation on the top story are character-defining features. The rhythm and formality of the composition revived elements taken from pattern books illustrating the architecture of 16th century Italy. Architect Smith substituted brick for the prototype material that would have been cut stone with a smooth finish.

Villa Elaine`s Architectural Style (opens in a new tab)
architectural style design